Recipe for Growth

Messages from My Mother

October 07, 2021 Season 1 Episode 3
Recipe for Growth
Messages from My Mother
Show Notes

The specialty of the house today is Messages From My Mother -- quite the HOT TOPIC! In this episode, my goal is to inspire and encourage you to become who you are in spite of -- and because of -- those messages your mother instilled in you.  

We’re going to:

  • Talk the rules of life and beliefs you got from your mother
  • Uncover how they affected who you are 
  • Decipher the messages and do a little relearning through practice, practice, practice

What are some of the beliefs your mother gave you which no longer serve you?  Did she demonstrate to you that you’re not enough, unloveable or did  she strive to encourage you to believe in yourself to create self confidence? How has any of these beliefs handicapped you to becoming your best SELF?

No matter what  background you have, you have the opportunity to choose who you really want to be.  It may not be easy, however it’s doable.  You may encounter anxiety and resistance from your inside, however, you can take action to reinforce who you want to be; ask the people close to you for their guidance and support and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Featured treat:
While my mother passed down her baking skills, she never shared her actual recipes. So enjoy this Marble Cake, courtesy of Once Upon a Chef with Jenn Segal (click here for the recipe!)

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