Recipe for Growth

Showing Up for Yourself

September 29, 2021 Lauren Liebowitz Season 1 Episode 2
Recipe for Growth
Showing Up for Yourself
Show Notes

You’ve probably heard the term  Showing Up for Yourself.  In a nutshell, it’s all about practicing epic Self-care (yes, that is Self with a capital S and for good reason.)

Dr. Denise Fournier, a clinical psychologist  said in a post for Thrive Global, the idea of showing up for yourself from a mental health perspective has tremendous depth and significance.  Showing up for yourself is all about making yourself a priority and taking care of  your own needs, whether they be practical, physical, emotional or spiritual.

We all know that unless you show up for yourself first, you can’t fully show up for anyone or anything else. You will hear some people say that taking care of your own needs first is selfish.  Don’t listen to them.  This act is about taking care of YOU.   

You must be your own advocate to thrive in this wild and wacky world of constant flux. We spend so much time on automatic pilot, focusing our attention on mundane things . Showing up for yourself means taking a break from all that to get grounded, be mindful and present in order to care for your health and to nurture your own creativity.

Ways to Show Up for Yourself

  1. Acknowledge where you are... no judgement.
  2. Notice negative self-talk (notice those moments when your monkey mind says you’re not good enough). Say thank you for the insight and tell the monkey mind to leave town!
  3. Create daily affirmations.  Kick negative thoughts by replacing them with strong confident ones as a mantra. 
  4. Write in a gratitude journal. Dr. Melanie Greenberg, a clinical psychologist specializing in stress and mindfulness recommends keeping a journal where you can write down what you’re grateful for and express appreciation to yourself for actions that serve your values .  
  5. Carve out time for yourself.  Reserving a few minutes for yourself each day can help boost well-being. 

Start now by getting into the practice of supporting yourself in a myriad of ways. Showing Up for Yourself will become second nature and you might just be surprised at the burst of your own inner power.

Featured treat:
Almond Thumbprint Cookies, courtesy of The Simple Veganista (click here for the recipe!)

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